Genelife Clinical Research operations team and support staff have clear focus to provide clinical trials services at the highest level of quality. We at Genelife Clinical Research wish to deliver services that have the anticipated quality in harmony with customer necessities and provisions.Operations

Quality complications arising in various areas are to be recognized and resolved with swiftness, practical efficiency, and economy. We shall emphasis our resources both operational and human, in the direction of the prevention of quality deficits to satisfy the organizational goal.

The effective operation of the system relies upon the teamwork and participation of work-forces at all levels. Our commitment to quality will ensure the continued triumph of Genelife Clinical Research and the gratification of our customers.

We actively encourage our customers to provide feedback on our services, staff and deliverables. Any feedback that requires action from Genelife Clinical Research in terms of quality or areas of improvement is escalated to the Head of Quality Assurance, together with the top management.