The horizon of each therapeutic area is widening with innovations in pharmaceutics and biotechnology. High amount resources invested in these innovations of diagnostic and therapeutic aid necessitates expertise driven effort in establishing exact requirements of Genelife Clinical Researchoutcomes. Genelife Clinical Research has kept its main focus on high quality and knowledge based deliverance in its therapeutic discipline unit strategies. This approach makes deployment of therapeutic expertise of investigators and Clinical Research professionals work in sync with the investigational goals for cost effective and prudent outcomes.

Meticulous and subject focused efforts taken in development of each department makes us deliver high quality outcomes with respect to Biocompatibility, toxicology, bench-marking, pre-clinical, BA/BE, Proof of concept, FIM, And Phase Studies. We assist you finding appropriate dosing, therapeutic applications etc. We also have developed conceptual image processing unit specific to each therapeutic area called ThemeCorelab. We also understand nitty-gritties of clinical trials in Medical devices, topical applications, drugs, investigation and diagnostic procedures etc.

We have our disease surveillance report though which we have build an investigator database and disease surveillance spectra.