ThemeCore Lab

ThemeCore Lab is an innovative initiative taken by Genelife Clinical Research Private Limited for assisting your clinical trials with expertise of a core-lab in minimal expenses.Genelife Clinical Research-Phase I-IV Clinical trilas CRO Corelab

There are three essential components of the core-lab

  • Designing of the clinical data collection point (a part of protocol and Case Report Form)
  • Data Management of Imaging and graphics
  • Image interpretation and evaluation of related endpoints.

The challenging opportunity is availed to develop a new cost effective solution for core lab functions. We have our own data management team, trained on data management of the imaging and graphics data. The forms are designed in such a way that minimal time is required for reviewer to review the medical content thus increasing the output capacity. We are now in a process of developing databases for the required specific functionality. All images and data capture forms are planned to be available online from our electronic CRF directly to reduce the timelines. The images will be randomly forwarded to independent consultants and they will evaluate the data in prescribed time, on the online software. The statisticians will be provided with the data cleaned and authenticated.

We have our team of associates with basic qualifications required and consultants with extensive experience and expertise in the area. The hierarchical reference of the processed data ensures quality of each image credentials. All the medical professionals are independent medical practitioners and work for us from independent locations, on the internet facility. This reduces the burden of office-space and other operational costs and increases individual productivity. We percolate down this benefit to you and become cost effective.

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